In the evolution of an artist’s ideas, the dragging element is, and always shall be, the will to undertake new avenues and new experimentations towards which the artist feels a particular affirmation. In Enzo Carnebianca’s case the experimentation is going beyond the limits set by art techniques to transform itself in interpretative polycentric and polyfunctional forms such as poetry and music. All this makes the précis of Carnebianca’s art prove once again the importance of the non scission of the various “Muse”, but, inversely when one is in front of pure art, one can allow oneself a linking interpretation of how much the arts may express. Enzo Carnebianca can therefore claim to be inspirational for other complementary arts thus rising to the title of great artist. The organisation of this event shall set forth an interesting series of artistic profiles because of the strength and characteristics of the composers of the other arts.

Renzo Mancini

Il Soprintendente Soprintendenza per i Beni Ambientali Architettonici Artistici e Storici per l’Abruzzo e L’Aquila