Presenting this first serigraphic tablet of the painter Enzo Carnebianca, born from the careful test of all means of expression, humbly strived on the line of coherence and of spontaneity, it seems to be quite congenial to talk about him as a constructor of a world, based on the development of a meditaded spiritual message.

And in this conception, I put the surrealistic art work, and the more human and modern language one.

All his work is made of harmonic culture and feeling, that does not forgrt the mans passions and senses, but shows them as means of genuine expression. Therefore it is logical that the artist feels the sorrowful image of his fellow-creatures and of the unhappiness that has now become absolute and total.

What moves and animates the personal pictorial riconstruction of a sentimental and poetical creation joined toghether, is the memory of a serenity to regain.

Evidently the painter, with the five tablets that form this “unicum”, express the essential, or better, a certain way to be in reality.

Therefore, if through the surreal dialogue he looks for the reality, felt like “symbol of another truth”, original and sensible, it is evident that he prefers the internal zone psyche, because here he can materialize what can be transformed into a everlasting liberation motion. Actually he creates emotions potentiated by his natural and original ability of dreaming and reading dreams.

In consequence, Carnebianca will impose himself with his serigraphs, to make it possible to live the repercussion of the elaborates, that permit the understanding of the complex personality of an artist, orientated in the continuous research of a authentic soldering, between the sensations that make the symbol and the same incisive dramatization of a dreamt moment.

Mario Carloya