Tratto dal Catalogo della Mostra alla Galleria “La Tartaruga” 1987

The painting and sculpturing of Enzo Carnebianca reveales the deep differences of the means of expression, and mostly a substanzial difference of formal maturing. Carnebianca is mainly attracted by sculptures and was able to reach refined results, now surrealistic. In his painting we can find a sort of refined sensualism that satisfies itself. Other remarks must be made for his plastic solutions, which reveal the artists tendency to as absolute inventivness that works out into enigmatic solution. While our attention must dwell upon the quality of the modelling he can reach. The reason of this will emerge from the existance of Carnebianca to exprime himself through the language of symbols. Concealing the appearances which, as the sculptor says, is constancy of life, therefore amplifying the concept in the interpretation of art.

Domenico Guzzi