Sulmona (AQ) “41° Premio Sulmona” vincitore del Premio Targa d’Argento 2014.

2012 - AWARDED

The Fighting Sports Museum Medal at the Olympic Center FIJLKAM – Ostia Rome for the quality of the art featured.

2011 - AWARDED

Recognition from the Rieti City Hall in partnership with the “Spoleto Art Festival” Foundation.

In Rome for the 2nd Edition of the International Kouros Prize for sculpture.

2007 - AWARDED

Received the Italian Republic Presidential Medal for the artistic career awarded during the manifestation of “Sea of the Made in Italy.”

2005 - AWARDED

Award by the S.I.A.E. 25th of June 2001 being proposer and representative of Italian sculptors in S.I.A.E.

2002 - AWARDED

Conferral of the title of “Accademico Onorario della Pontificia Accademia Tiburtina.”

1998 - AWARDED

Gold Medal for Sculpture, unique for the International Award “ La Cultura del Mare” 10th edition.

1995 - AWARDED

International award “La Plejade”. Silver plate for sculpture, unique prize received in Montecitorio, by an international jury chaired by Prof. Bernard Przwozny and coordinated by the director of planning Institute Carlo Savini.

1993 - AWARDED

20th  Premio Sulmona – unique Gold Medal for sculpture.

1992 - AWARDED

19th  Premio Sulmona – unique Gold Medal for sculpture.

1991 - AWARDED

18th  Premio Sulmona – unique Gold Medal for sculpture.

1990 - AWARDED

“Oggi Vendiamo per loro” – Silver plate conferred by the association of Down Children and TV Serena Center for having contributed to the success of First edition.

1978 - AWARDED

2nd edition of International Prize of Sculpture, Painting and Graphic “2nd Trofeo Citta’ di Como” conferred by the President of Biennial of Venice, Carlo Ripa di Meana, being best sculptor in 1978.